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The Drummers Guide to Gear is part online magazine, part blog, part review site and 100% passion.​


Let me start by providing you with a little background on myself and how The Drummers Guide to Gear (DG2G) came to be. As a kid I looked up to and admired my older brother. He was a drummer and so naturally I wanted to play the drums as well. I was in the 6th grade when my parents purchased my first kit. I very fondly remember going to Rupps Drums in Denver, Co and picking up my kit from Bob Rupp himself. When I run into Bob Rupp, AKA Rupp it still brings a smile to my face as I reminisce about my first kit. I was your typical teenager who played in garage bands with friends throughout middle school and high school. After high school I got a 9 to 5 and slowly became the thing I feared most.....an adult! As an adult I moved into a small apartment, quit the band, and sold my drums. I took a long break from the drums and didn't know if I would ever play again.

Several years later my girlfriend at the time (who is now my amazing wife) said, "You need to start playing again." The following Christmas she gave me a new drum kit and a reborn passion for all things drum. In November of 2013 I wasn't  playing in a band but found myself wanting to be connected to other drummers and the community. It was out of that desire that I started The Drummers Guide to Gear. Initially it existed as a facebook page where drummers could share pictures and posts of all things drum. Posts and pictures were related to favorite drum gear,drummers, and videos. Not too long after I found myself wanting to do even more within the drumming community. That's when I decided to begin sharing personal experiences and feedback. I started reviewing my gear and product purchases. In order to grow my connection to the community I spread out to Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.  

I wanted to do gear giveaways and decided to reach out to Phil Carnivale of D'Aaddario (makers of Evans Drumheads, HQ Percussion, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, and PureSound Percussion Snare Wires). Phil answered the call and provided me with some drumheads and a set of snare wires for DG2G's first official giveaway. The first giveaway was a success and enabled DG2G to connect with even more members of the drum community. I wanted to offer even more and decided to try to interview some professional drummers. I contacted Derek Roddy who I had  had met prior to starting DG2G and we set up what was to be DG2G's first pro interview. Since then DG2G continues to review, interview, and giveaway gear. 

Let me end by saying I'm very thankful for the great artists and companies I have been able to work with. I want to continue to connect with all members of the community. As for the future, My hope is to meet more of you as I continue to bring you the latest in gear and interviews with your favorite drummers.  


Chris Gura​

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